Our History

Since our founder, Maria Isabel Van Hoven, started cooking suman in *insert year*, it has been our mission to bring the best of Visayan suman to the rest of the country, and to the rest of the world. Over the span of 2 decades, we have introduced truly Filipino flavors for everyone to enjoy! And our palette for suman flavors is only just increasing. From the moment you take that first bite, we make sure our Gourmet Budbud takes you to a province far away, and brings back memories of your childhood in your lola’s provincial home, with nostalgic flavors and the most powerful nostalgia.

Our Suman

While Budbud Kabog is common in Cebu, Dumaguete, and neighboring cities in the Visayas region, it continues to be elusive in Manila. One of the only sources for Budbud Kabog comes from a small family-run store called Bubud Gourmet Suman, which sells traditional Budbud Kabog alongside various other flavors of suman made with rice. Budbud Gourmet Suman’s Budbud Kabog uses ingredients sourced directly from Dumaguete and its neighboring cities, ensuring its authenticity. Unlike the traditional rice suman that we’re all familiar with, kabog also known as millet seed, is decidedly less sweet, with a unique flavor that is favorably paired with a sharp cheese, or garlicky butter. Budbod Kabog is also usually paired with a thick chocolate drink, making it a popular choice for quick breakfast meals. Catering to a more upscale market, Budbud Gourmet Suman makes it a point to ensure that only fresh ingredients are used when cooking each flavor, and no shortcuts are made during the cooking process. For example, instead of simply using ube powder or flavoring for the ube-flavored suman, they use actual ube or purple yam, which is then turned into a jam. Budbud Gourmet Suman also goes through great lengths to ensure that no preservatives are used in the products, going as far as ripening the mangoes themselves to avoid the use of harmful chemicals such as calcium carbide (locally known as “carburo”), which is often used to artificially speed up the ripening process. The same goes for the chocolate flavors such as tsokolate and champorado. Instead of using cocoa powder simply sprinkled on top, Budbud Gourmet Suman uses pure tablea capsules sourced from Dumaguete as well. While this means that the prices of the suman per piece is more expensive than what we’re used to seeing in our local market, the premium pricing comes with the peace of mind that only the healthiest ingredients are going into
your body.

With so many wonderful variations of our favorite local “kakanin” found around the Philippines, it’s great that we don’t have to travel very far to sample them. Budbud Gourmet Suman brings Negros Oriental’s favorite delicacy Budbud Kabog closer to home, and we hope to see this trend continue for other regional delicacies as well. Our tummies are all the better for it!

Social Good

We believe social good is a collective social responsibility and at Gourmet Budbud Suman, our mission is to uplift, encourage and support local communities.

All our ingredients are sourced directly from local farmers, many of whom have been devastatingly hit by the Covid-19 pandemic. It is important to us that they are given the chance to continue with their livelihood and important that our customers know their ingredients go directly from farm to table. We make it a point that our communities are given extra compensation and receive recognition, no matter how small they are – your local neighbor who continues to weave baskets, a friend of a friend from Quezon area who mines coal, the rice farmers in Negros Occidental who are desperately looking to sell their premium rice. They all have a story and deep family traditions, and we are here to help them continue it.

Since 2003, we have dedicated ourselves to producing only the tastiest, most delicious budbud / suman rolls (native Philippine cake rolls) in Manila!

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email: budbudgourmetsuman@gmail.com