Our Budbud Kabog uses ingredients sourced directly from Dumaguete and its neighboring cities, ensuring its authenticity. Unlike the traditional rice suman that we’re all familiar with, kabog, also known as millet seed, is decidedly less sweet, with a unique flavor that is favorably paired with a sharp cheese, or garlicky butter. Budbod Kabog is also usually paired with a thick chocolate drink, making it a popular choice for quick breakfast meals.

We make it a point to ensure that only fresh ingredients are used when cooking each flavor, and no shortcuts are made during the cooking process. For example, instead of simply using ube powder or flavoring for the ube-flavored suman, we use actual ube or purple yam, which is then turned into a jam. We also goes through great lengths to ensure that no preservatives are used in the products, going as far as ripening the mangoes ourselves to avoid the use of harmful chemicals such as calcium carbide (locally known as “carburo”), which is often used to artificially speed up the ripening process. The same goes for the chocolate flavors such as tsokolate and champorado. Instead of using cocoa powder simply sprinkled on top, Budbud Gourmet Suman uses pure tablea capsules sourced directly from local farmers. While this means that the prices of the suman per piece is more expensive than what you may be used to seeing in our local market, the premium pricing comes with the peace of mind that only the healthiest ingredients are going into your body.