social good

We’re here for Good


We believe social good is a collective social responsibility and at Budbud Gourmet Suman, our mission is to uplift, encourage and support local communities. All our ingredients are sourced directly from local farmers, many of whom have been devastatingly hit by the COVID-19 pandemic. It is important to us that they are given the chance to continue with their livelihood and that our customers know that our ingredients go directly from farm to table. We make it a point that our communities are given extra compensation and receive recognition, no matter how small they are – whether it’s from a local neighbor who continues to weave baskets, a friend of a friend from Quezon area who supplies coal, or rice farmers in Negros Occidental who are desperately looking to sell their premium rice. They all have a story to tell, each rooted in deep family traditions, and we aim to help them continue it.